Last Supper in Mexico … for the moment …

Heading back to Los Angeles we needed lunch, but we did not want to eat airport food. Deciding to drive down a random street to find food we stumbled across this little gem.


Seemingly run by mother and daughter, or perhaps just two welcoming ladies. We sat they spoke no English, we spoke tiny Spainsh. They did not have menus as it looked to cater for the locals, and by the look of the tiny space, the locals ate whatever the two ladies decided to cook for the day. As they could not understand us and we them they called us into their tiny kitchen to look inside the pots.


Ordering one of this and two of that the the ladies even managed to suggest that they make chicken schnitzel for the boys.

We had a tomato based noodle soup, Chilli Relleno’s (cheese stuffed peppers), beans (every meal beans – I have grown rather fond of beans) and rice. The boys had chicken schnitzel freshly made, rice and salad. Complimentary freshly made limenade, it was probably the best and most enjoyable meal in Mexico for me. Homemade goodness. Cheapest too.