North then East Through Avila and Morrow Rock

Learning to get up early so to enjoy as much of the day as possible as it gets dark so early here. I am missing Sydney’s Day Light Savings where our days are everlasting. The weather is confusing because it has been so warm yet this is winter.

Pismo Beach before sunrise




The plan today was to drive to Mariposa via Avila, Morrow Rock and Cambria. As we were heading toward Yosemite where it would be much colder we had to buy some cheap warm jackets so we found a Big 5 sporting goods and were happy to grab jackets for twenty bucks each. Its true what they say America is so cheap in so many areas.

Avila is literally just up the freeway from Pismo and if I was to recommend a choice between Pismo beach and Avila Beach as a place to stay, Pismo is bigger. Avila still has small coastal town charm. Not to mention the Seals. Moshe said he wanted to get a latte. As always I was dubious about how good it would taste. I could not see how the odds would be in Moshe’s favor for enjoying a smooth, silky and creamy coffee of preference. I course I was right. It was like drinking a coffee from the eighties in Sydney. Perhaps I am now a coffee snob. Perhaps I should be considering its my job.

Sights of the tiny but very welcoming Avila






Morrow Rock was aslo just another twenty minutes or so up the road




Leaving now for a day at the National Parks ….


One thought on “North then East Through Avila and Morrow Rock

  1. Those seals are so gorgeous, they must be related to Dodger! And who is that cheeky thing that looks like a cross between a squirrel and a rat?
    Excellent photos, is that the new camera or the photographer?
    Avila sounds like the place to be.
    A word on Ben and Jerry’s , there are plenty of reasons to love that ice cream, I read that they renamed one flavour chubby hubby to hubby hubby in support of same sex marriage.
    Please have one of every flavour for me too, it is becoming more available here but flavours are limited.
    Nimmi xxx

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